Transforming health care by empowering employees and their families to take charge of their health and employers to take charge of health care costs.

Dedicated to engaging patients

At Activate Healthcare, our mission is to help transform health care by helping employees take charge of their health and employers take charge of health care costs. To accomplish this, we:

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Delivering full-time care to employers of all sizes

Our approach is unique and our staffing approach is simple and efficient. We typically provide an employer (or group of employers sharing a clinic) access to a full-time health care clinic for all employees and family members. The clinic is usually staffed by a primary care physician and a nurse practitioner/coach, as well as 1 – 2 medical assistants. By providing 40+ hours of access to two providers, patients are able to use the clinic as their "home" for primary medical care.

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Reducing health care costs

Activate Healthcare has reduced health care costs by double digits compared to trends of similar sized employers. Participation rates average over 90% for employees and over 60% for spouses. Patient satisfaction scores average over 4.6 on a 5 point scale. For example, at Monroe County Government, health care costs were down 22% during the first year, including the cost of the clinic. In addition, Monroe County Government was awarded the County Achievement of the Year Award by the Indiana Association of Counties based on the Activate Healthcare clinic experience. Activate Healthcare has been endorsed as the sole recommended on-site clinic provider by the Indiana Association of Counties and also been endorsed by the Indiana Manufacturers Association.