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As Activate Healthcare continues to grow, so does the need to place highly qualified medical professionals within clinics. At all times, we are looking for exceptional individuals committed to serving patients within the primary care arena.

Activate Healthcare provides a unique opportunity for providers who want to be able to spend more time with their patients and make an important difference in the lives of those they serve. We provide practitioners the time and tools to serve patients well including the use of a physician friendly EMR - Next Gen that has been tailored for this primary care practice.

We eliminate the need to work with insurance companies for reimbursement. The hours of each clinic are designed for each client and to ensure a balanced life for each provider. Activate Healthcare’s compensation is competitive.

Our ongoing staffing needs include the following positions:


  • Conducts annual physicals and patient follow-up
  • Establishes annual goals with patients
  • Provides ongoing coaching and follow-up
  • Provides primary care
  • Proactively coaches and manages patients with chronic conditions
  • Maintains comprehensive annual medical records
  • Guides the medical care of patients across the health care continuum
  • Assesses and optimizes medications
  • Provides care for work related injuries (workers’ comp.)



  • Conducts annual physicals
  • Establishes annual goals with patients
  • Develops plans with the patient to achieve tailored goals
  • Makes online tracking of tailored goals and action plans available to patients
  • Monitors patient progress and proactively provides coaching and support
  • Provides ongoing coaching and follow up
  • Provides primary care
  • Provides all the services listed above for primary care, under the supervision of the primary care physician
  • Follows up to check on compliance to prescribed medicines and medical care



  • Serves as receptionist and schedules appointments
  • Draws blood
  • Helps patients as needed with the on-line health risk assessment process
  • Educates patients on how to access the electronic medical record and other software
  • Follows up to check on compliance to prescribed medicines and medical care
  • Provides administrative and office management support


View our career opportunities and apply online.

To learn more about the opportunities with Activate Healthcare, call 800.746.1132. Or email hr@activatehealthcare.com.

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