Restoring Relationships to Primary Care: The Activate Healthcare Difference

Patients having better access to primary care are more inclined to use it.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that research shows patients who have close relationships with their doctors enjoy better health outcomes. Doctors who spend time learning about patients’ past health challenges and family histories are naturally better informed to treat them. Plus, patients who have a close, trusting rapport with their doctors are more likely to speak candidly about personal issues that may have an effect on their overall well-being.

The problem is, general practice doctors who operate in the traditional insurance-based system are being forced to serve higher volumes of patients due to declining reimbursements. On top of that, the in-and-out nature of most office visits leave little time for talking with patients, which makes it trickier to ensure they are adhering to treatment plans.

Activate Healthcare onsite and near-site primary healthcare clinics offer patients and providers the opportunity to build the kind of relationships that lead to better outcomes. Activate Healthcare clinics serve a specific population group and are staffed to accommodate their needs while allowing time to foster close patient-provider relationships.

The typical Activate Healthcare visit involves little-to-no wait time. Clinical teams—from physicians to advanced practice providers and support staff—are encouraged to take time to get to know each patient personally. They understand that recognizing patients as individuals is a crucial part of the process when creating plans specifically suited to their personal health goals. Provider schedules are closely managed, so no one ever feels rushed in our out the door. In addition to higher-quality in-person visits, patients enjoy easy access to their physicians through technology, including a mobile phone app that allows for text and video chat.

Of course, better outcomes for patients is only part of the equation. According to a 2016 study by The Physicians Foundation, 71 percent of doctors say building relationships with patients is the most satisfying part of practicing medicine, while 58 percent list processing paperwork as the least satisfying. It’s no wonder that—with more time to serve patients and no administrative hassles like processing insurance paperwork—more than 90 percent of the physicians who’ve chosen to work with Activate Healthcare remain with the company.

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