Why Do We Avoid Medical Care?

Many organizations pay more than they should for health insurance because so many workers avoid seeking medical attention until they get sick. This is particularly true in the case of men.

In 2016, Cleveland Clinic conducted a nationwide survey of 500 men ages 18 to 70, and the results were alarming. They discovered that only three out of every five men visit a physician for an annual check-up, and just over 40% of men visit the doctor when they fear they have a serious medical condition.

Perhaps men don’t want to see themselves as vulnerable to illness, or maybe they simply don’t want to feel powerless against a medical condition. Either way, just 7% of men surveyed said they regularly talk about their health, and more than 19% admitted they only visit the doctor at the urging of a significant other.

At Activate Healthcare, we asked ourselves what was is the cause of many men’s reluctance to visit the doctor — and how we could address these factors to help organizations achieve greater value in their healthcare benefits.

Overcoming Barriers to Healthcare

Here are some of the most common excuses men give for not visiting their physician, as well as solutions to help them overcome their healthcare barriers:

Reason: “I don’t have enough time.”

Answer: Because Activate Healthcare clinics are on-site or near-site, the patient’s time commitment is greatly reduced. No more driving to the doctor’s office after work or on the weekends. Now patients can visit their physician on the way to lunch or between meetings. We even have pharmacies on site, so patients don’t have to make another trip to the drug store.

Reason: “I can’t afford it.”

Answer: With the continuously rising cost of healthcare, Active understands that preventative or routine medical visits may be a luxury few feel they can afford. That’s why we’ve structured our clinics so that patients pay little to nothing for each visit— a benefit we extend to family members as well as participants.

Reason: “I’m afraid of the diagnosis.”

Answer: Having anxiety about getting bad news is normal, but when it comes to health, the best offense is a good defense. Preventative medicine and regular wellness check-ups, like the care offered at Activate Healthcare clinics, help participants stay informed about their health challenges and address any possible issues before they become serious.

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