Our Story

Activate Healthcare was founded in 2009 by Debra Geihsler and Peter Dunn. Debra Geihsler is a seasoned healthcare CEO who has managed thousands of physicians. Peter Dunn is a veteran CEO who has managed tens of thousands of front line workers. They leveraged their unique combination of perspectives to create an integrated approach to healthcare designed to address the root causes of rising costs.

The founders of Activate Healthcare knew that 75 percent of healthcare costs are driven by chronic conditions that are preventable and manageable. They also knew that the current healthcare system is an episodic healthcare system that is designed neither to prevent nor manage chronic conditions. The good news is there were dozens of clinical studies proving that a proactive and integrated approach to primary care can make a major difference in healthcare outcomes and costs.

Employers directly fund all healthcare provided by Activate Healthcare for working employees and their family members. With this direct approach, Activate Healthcare avoids the normal constraints of reimbursement associated with the current healthcare system. As a result, Activate Healthcare can deliver an innovative and effective system where the patient and their health is the center of everything we do.

Activate Healthcare opened its first clinics in 2010. The organization has consistently lowered total healthcare costs by 10 to 25 percent, improved health outcomes for patients and provided a great new benefit for working members. Since that time, Activate Healthcare continues to grow rapidly. The organization now has dozens of clinics and serves over 100,000 members.

Working together, we are transforming healthcare.


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