Debra A. Geihsler


With 25+ years of health care experience managing clinics of all sizes, Debra Geihsler is well-versed in the needs of on-site health care clinics.

Most recently, Debra served as CEO/President of Harvard Vanguard Medical Group and Atrius Health System in Boston, Massachusetts. This combined organization consisted of more than 1200 providers and 40 locations and services. With primary care physicians, 40+ specialty services, a retail pharmacy, laboratory services, surgical centers, cancer centers, diagnostic centers, dental services, and behavioral health care, the organization treated and managed more than 650,000 patients.

In addition, Debra has served as CEO of Advocate Medical Group in Chicago, Illinois where she led the creation of various employer-based on-site clinics. Her responsibilities included managing more than 400 physicians, 30+ clinical locations and ancillary services.

Debra’s proficient background enables her to effectively guide the development and operations of on-site clinics. Her experience also allows Activate Healthcare to help employers manage the full range of patient care, particularly those health care costs that are incurred outside the clinic. (For example, a colonoscopy can be guided to locations with costs that are potentially one-third that of other competitive facilities while maintaining quality of treatment.) This unique perspective allows Activate Healthcare to both lower costs and improve the quality of resulting care across the full spectrum of health services.

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