Peter Dunn


Peter Dunn brings a proven business perspective to the leadership of Activate Healthcare.

Before founding Activate Healthcare, Peter served as CEO/President of Borden Foods and Steak ’n Shake Restaurant Company, each with revenues of over $600 million dollars.

Peter Dunn attributes his extensive experience as a CEO to leading manufacturing and service organizations. He has also served as Chairman of the Board of Feeding America, which distributes over 3 billion pounds of food via the national food bank network. In these roles, Peter led over 20,000 associates and was responsible for managing large health care expenditures. Peter’s experience managing health care costs contributes directly to his ability to work effectively with line and staff managers in helping them make important health care decisions.

In addition, Peter’s knowledge of strategic planning and facilitating culture change initiatives enables him to bring pragmatic practices to health-related culture and behavior change. Finally, through his experience managing large-scale purchasing functions, Peter ensures that all employers working with Activate Healthcare benefit from the lowest possible costs for drugs, labs, supplies and service costs, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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