As told by Dr. Michelle Migliore

Dramatic Diabetes Turnaround

“The advantage of this is that you can have patients come back frequently and cost is not a barrier. When I was in private practice it was difficult for patients to come in for follow-up, because every time they came it was another huge co-pay or it went towards their deductible. Financially it was very burdensome. Patients are willing to come back here, because we don’t don’t have the financial obstacles that you do in private practice.”

By removing the cost barrier that many patients face, Dr. Migliore was able to work with a diabetic patient to improve an A1c score that was more than double the normal measure. Dr. Migliore provided ongoing counseling, including encouraging the patient to track all his medications, food intake and activity, and made sure he knew that all his diabetic testing supplies were available for free at the Activate clinic. Four months later, the patient’s A1c score was nearly one point within the acceptable range. Four months later, the patient’s A1c score had dropped almost in half and was close to the acceptable range.

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