Education Case Study

“Looking at our metrics and seeing lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol demonstrates the greatest value of an engaged population. Making our population more engaged and more aware is what separates Activate Healthcare from other providers.”

The Challenge

A school system with 3000 members had managed costs reasonably well. They had a wellness program that provided incentives for screenings and follow-up coaching programs. However, they were concerned that participation in the program was low and that it was likely to have limited impact on costs over time. Working with their health care consultant, they decided to pursue an on-site clinic.

The Solution

Working with their consulting partner, the school system leadership considered several on-site clinics. Activate Healthcare was one of the finalists chosen because of its strong experience working with school systems and proven track record of high levels of engagement. The committee doing the comparisons realized that the clinic can only be useful for those members that use it. Activate Healthcare’s average participation rate of over 90% was more than twice that of other leading contenders. Therefore the “cost per member using the clinic” was likely to be much better than other vendors. Activate Healthcare was chosen.

Activate Healthcare formed a Wellness Council that helped optimize the design of the clinic and planned a comprehensive clinic roll out process that involved presentations in person at each school building to 100% of working members, plus extensive outreach to spouses with direct mail and related follow-up communication. The leadership also actively participated in hiring a medical team that fits well with the school's culture.

Activate Healthcare believes in the proactive management of health and therefore encourages comprehensive annual physicals and goal-setting sessions. The school supports incentives for completing an annual physical and for making progress against personalized goals and action plans. Activate Healthcare and the school system developed an innovative program where a roving substitute teacher made it possible for every teacher to complete their annual physical during school hours. The medical team and Activate leadership also meets with the school leadership monthly to review clinic results, patient progress and to continuously fine tune the approach of the clinic.

  • $1.3m

    Dollars Saved

  • $1.49

    Returned for every $1.00 invested

  • 90%

    Participation Rate

The Results

Participation among working members has been between 80-90%. The key average biometric results improved significantly in all major categories. Key measures of chronic disease management have improved. The school has saved over $1.3 million versus their expected trend in three years. For every $1.00 invested in Activate Healthcare the organization has received back $1.49.

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