Manufacturing Case Study

Manufacturing Case Study

“Once people visit the clinic, they’re very quick to come back. Our morale has been positively affected. It’s amazing to see how excited people are about it.”

The Challenge

A Japanese manufacturer in a rural area was struggling with rising healthcare costs. The company is deeply committed to producing high-quality products at competitive costs. They were able to effectively manage almost all costs. But they were concerned that rising health care costs would weaken their competitive position. They were looking for a way to more effectively manage this expense while also having strong benefits to attract the best talent to their organization.

The Solution

Working with their local consultant, they decided to pursue on an on-site primary care clinic. This approach, if successful would both help lower future costs and enable them to add an important new benefit for their employees and family members. They considered several potential vendors and chose Activate Healthcare, because of the track record Activate Healthcare has in understanding the unique needs of their organization and developing a tailored solution. They also appreciated the comprehensive and proactive approach Activate Healthcare takes to engage associates in improving their health.

Activate Healthcare formed a team of managers and front-line associates to help design the clinic details to best meet the needs of their associates (location, layout, hours, etc.) A medical team was recruited with the active participation of the leadership and working members to ensure a great fit. Incentives were created for employees and spouses to have a comprehensive annual physical each year and to make progress on achieving individual tailored goals and action plans. A campaign was launched to introduce the new members and promote the clinic and health improvement programs to both employees and spouses.

The medical team and Activate leadership also meets with the company leadership monthly to review clinic results, patient progress and to continuously fine-tune the approach of the clinic.

  • 90%

    Staff Participation

  • 60%

    Spouse Participation

  • $1.35

    For every $1.00 invested

The Results

Participation among working members has been between 80-90%. Spouse participation is between 50-60%. The key average biometric results improved significantly in all major categories. Key measures of chronic disease management have improved. The company has saved over $450,000 versus their expected trend in two years. For every $1.00 invested in Activate Healthcare the organization has received back $1.35. Importantly the savings trend is accelerating and the company is energized by the prospect of continuous improvement in healthcare.

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