As told by Kristy Umana, NP-C

Multiple Health Conditions

“This was a woman in her 30’s. She had uncontrolled diabetes with a very high A1c. She had high blood pressure. She was a smoker. She was overweight. She said 'I’ve been told that I can never achieve a pregnancy … I am too unhealthy.' The coaching began. It was a wonderful relationship. We met quite often and I was there for her.” Good news to follow.

A badly infected finger led a patient to schedule a clinic appointment. She had many untreated health conditions—likely due to poor access to healthcare—and had been told by another provider she would never get pregnant because of them. Working with a health coach, this patient tackled her conditions one by one and successfully lost weight, lowered her blood pressure, and stopped smoking. One of many positive outcomes included a positive pregnancy test.

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