As told by Dr. Michael Helms

Skeptic Becomes Fan

“She even told me how she was extraordinarily skeptical, and (thought) that we were kind of full of it with our model. But, now she has bought in. We’ve been able to definitely decrease her utilization. The quality of her life is much higher now. She has a long way to go, but, she at least is trusting us when we want to make a medication adjustment.”

A patient with chronic pain and diagnosed fibromyalgia had no problem telling the clinic staff she was skeptical of the clinic and wasn’t sure she could get the help she needed. At the time of her first visit, she was visiting the emergency department on a weekly basis and getting injections for headaches as often. After multiple visits over the course of several months and lots of time to discuss her issues with Dr. Helms, the patient has had just two injections for headaches and only one trip to the ER. Dr. Helms believes accessibility of the clinic has been key to her improvements, which include a higher quality of life.

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