Transportation Case Study

“The Activate providers make all the difference. The clinic staff get to know every team member well and are able to help each patient find the best path forward for them. Patients sense this genuine connection and that makes real progress possible.”

The Challenge

A public bus company with about 700 employees has had a relatively unhealthy population over an extended period of time. They brought in an on-site clinic from the local healthcare system. After 2-3 years they were concerned that the constant turnover of clinic staff and approach of the health care system was not connecting with their members in a way that would make a real difference. While costs were rising less quickly than in the past, the leadership decided to look for a different approach.

The Solution

Initially, the transportation company put out two RFP’s, one for a “clinic vendor” and one for a “wellness vendor”. Activate Healthcare responded that we could not respond to separate RFP’s because our approach fully integrated these approaches. The transportation company agreed to change the process to include this approach. Activate Healthcare was chosen because of this fully integrated approach and demonstrated the ability of Activate Healthcare to listen and build a tailored solution.

Activate Healthcare worked with the transportation company to create a new more proactive and integrated approach to improving the health of the population. A medical team was recruited with the active participation of the leadership and working members to ensure a great fit. Incentives were created for employees and spouses to have a comprehensive annual physical each year and to make progress on achieving individual tailored goals and action plans. A campaign was launched to introduce the new members and promote the new approach to both employees and spouses.

The medical team also meets with the transportation company leadership monthly to review clinic results, patient progress and to continuously fine-tune the approach of the clinic.

  • 100%


  • 14%

    Reduction in Premiums

The Results

The new medical team bonded with the working members and their families. Participation among working members is close to 100%. The organization is fully insured. After one year the company was able to negotiate a 14% reduction in their premiums. Four years after the clinic was introduced the organization's total health care costs are less than they were when the clinic was opened. The cost of the clinic has been paid for many times over with savings from the clinic.

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