Empowering Healthcare Providers

Our clinicians have the opportunity to practice medicine in a more personal way. They enjoy the time, tools, and support that allow them to truly connect with patients.


Time with patients

  • We deliver care that is centered on the patient and not relative value units.
  • Providers have a schedule that includes seeing a smaller and more manageable number of patients per day.
  • Providers have time to ask questions to identify the real underlying health issues, to learn about the behaviors that contribute to these issues, and to educate patients in ways that make a real impact.

High quality work with good work/life balance

We make possible greater clinician satisfaction due to a better balance between work and home life:

  • Minimal “on call” requirements
  • No inpatient rounding
  • No insurance to be processed or other significant administrative hassles, eliminating the need for tedious charting or paperwork in the evening.
  • Activate Healthcare allows clinicians to practice medicine in the manner in which they were trained, with a holistic and integrated approach, delivering proactive and preventive care.
  • We encourage and facilitate clinician engagement in quality improvement initiatives.
  • Clinic schedules have fewer appointments to enable clinicians to enjoy on-time patient visits.
  • Clinicians decide how best to manage their unique patient population.

Tools to do the work well

  • Our model increases patient adherence with tools such as no co-pay, dispensing generic medications to patients at no charge and performing many labs on site.
  • Clinicians have easy and quick access to online consultations built into the EMR for different specialties at major leading medical institutions across the country at no cost to the patient.
  • Our model provides patient engagement tools that help the clinician learn more about the patient’s behaviors and risks, set tailored goals, manage incentives, communicate via secure text or video-conferencing, and more – with key information also integrated into the EMR.
  • The EMR includes summarized claims information providing a comprehensive view into the patients’ care across all facilities.
  • The EMR is continuously optimized to make the workflow more efficient and effective for clinicians, combined with ongoing training and support.
  • While working in the EMR, providers have access to state-of-the art predictive modeling tools that provide information that supports their efforts to understand and manage their population, for example, gaps in care, risk levels, and ability to impact.

A community of providers

  • Clinicians are part of a close-knit team that is dedicated to serving the patients associated with an employer or group of employers.
  • Clinicians have the opportunity to work as a team with the employer by sharing success stories, reviewing the health of their population, providing input on clinic utilization, offering suggestions to improve the health-related culture of the organization and more.
  • We actively facilitate involvement and communication with the greater team of colleagues so clinicians at individual clinics have the full advantage of a strong clinician community, including team huddles, Grand Rounds, quarterly meetings, annual celebrations and more.


As a result of the above key points, clinicians and employers maximize clinic utilization and employers and employees have reduced healthcare costs, making possible high levels of clinician and patient satisfaction. We want our clinicians to rediscover the joy in practicing medicine again.

Activate Healthcare is a WIN+WIN+WIN situation for doctors, patients and the companies served. As a doctor, I get to spend more time with my patient, employees receive excellent quality care and unbiased, informed referrals, and the companies save significantly on their health care costs.

                                                                 - Joseph P. Lisanti, DO, Indianapolis, Indiana


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