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The Activate Healthcare model is comprised of seven elements that encompass our full scope of services, with activating patients at the center of everything we do.

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Deliver primary care



We actively engage and guide patients during every visit because the patient's actions have the most direct impact on outcomes. This includes developing individual health goals and action plans, supported by technology to help patients track progress and connect with providers in-between visits.
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Deliver primary care


Primary Care

We enable patients to take charge of their health by delivering a full range of proactive and preventive primary services.
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Deliver primary care


A Culture of Health

We support orgnizations in promoting the use of our clinics and aligning communication, outreach, benefits and incentives.
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Deliver primary care


The Power of Communities

We offer on-site and near-site clinics for organizations of all sizes, so smaller organizations can prtner together to support a clinic and larger organizations can enjoy access to a growing network of clinics across the country.
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Deliver primary care


The Healthcare Continuum

We help patients access the best care at the lowest cot by offering low-cost drugs and lab services, as well as guiding them to the best care at the best value. This includes online consultations at major leading medical institutions acress the country.
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Deliver primary care



We seek out exceptional providers who fit well within the populations they serve. We ensure they have the time and tools to practive medicine in a more personal way.
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Deliver primary care



We leverage claim and patient information from electronic records to help identify higher risk patients and manage outcomes proactively, as well as to optimize and demonstrate patient progress.

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