Enjoy the Benefits of Activate Healthcare through Clinic-Sharing

As a smaller organization, you may think you cannot enjoy the benefits of Activate Healthcare’s on-site and near-site primary care clinics, but it’s simply not true. While we work with many midsize organizations, including school systems, government institutions, manufacturers and Taft-Hartley organizations, we’re proud to help smaller companies and organizations save money and provide better healthcare through our clinic-sharing program.

Through this opportunity, organizations with fewer than 500 members can partner together to access existing Activate Healthcare clinics in their area. If you meet these criteria, call Activate Healthcare and we will work with you to pair with another business or organization to give you access to our premium primary care clinics.

Here are three factors to help you decide if Activate Healthcare is right for you.

1.  Your employees or members live near an existing Activate Healthcare clinic.

One of the key factors in saving money with Activate Healthcare is patient activation. Engaging patients to take a proactive approach to their individual health and wellness leads to better health outcomes—and lower medical-related costs.

If your employees or members already live within driving distance of an existing Activate Healthcare clinic, you could be a prime candidate for sharing it with another business or organization. We can partner with you to set appropriate clinic hours and even staff the clinic with providers who fit well with your business or organization’s specific healthcare needs.

The convenient location will ensure easy access, and Activate Healthcare’s holistic approach to patient-activation will drive participation to improve the overall health and wellness of your members and their families.

2.  You want to provide a unique benefit to attract and retain top talent.

No matter the industry, hiring the best people is crucial to staying competitive. But in order to recruit the best people, you have to offer benefits that give your company an advantage. Providing low-cost or no-cost access to an Activate Healthcare full-service primary care clinic is a significant benefit.

Investing in an Activate Healthcare primary care clinic for your staff and their families through our clinic-sharing option is an attractive perk that could mean the difference when competing for the best people. Our clients regularly report improved employee morale, productivity and retention after partnering with Activate Healthcare.

3.  You would like to save up to 20% a year on medical-related costs.

If your business or organization is struggling to keep pace with ever-growing medical-related costs, Activate Healthcare can help. Sharing access to a near-site primary care clinic could save your business or organization up to 20% or more per year on medical-related costs.

Because we only serve a limited number of patients, shared Activate Healthcare clinics can see patients with little or no wait time; that means less time away from work for appointments. And because our approach is based on activating patients to take a proactive role in their own health and well-being, conditions like high cholesterol, high blood sugar and obesity can be managed more effectively, ultimately leading to a better lifestyle for workers and their families.

To learn more about how easy it is to begin enjoying the benefits of sharing an Activate Healthcare primary care clinic, contact us today. We will help you every step of the way, from choosing a clinic to finding a partner organization.

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