The Right Doc for the Job

We all know that it’s important to understand the capabilities of your provider before you invest your time, trust and health into a long-lasting relationship. Recommendations from trusted sources such as friends, family members, and reputable news outlets also go a long way. But what are those key elements that differentiate a qualified doctor from the right doctor for you?

Communication – Good communication is foundational in creating a trusting relationship between physician and patient, and all the experience in the world can’t make up for poor communication skills. Once you have fully expressed your questions and concerns, it is crucial that your doctor has not only heard you, but clearly given you the information and understanding needed to keep you in good health. Due to overwork and distraction, many doctors in traditional clinic settings find it difficult to focus on patient communication and therefore may struggle to form lasting bonds with patients.

This is just one reason that both doctors and patients at Activate Healthcare clinics report such a high satisfaction rate. Our providers are trained and oriented to the importance of listening to and respecting each person, allowing them to spend more time with each patient. This approach fosters an environment in which both the doctor and the patient feel connected and understood. This leads to better diagnoses and treatment programs, which in turn can lead to reduced downtime, fewer costs, and increased overall health.

Empathy – Going hand-in-hand with good communication is empathy. A doctor who listens to you, understands you, and appreciates your health goals, is a doctor who is better equipped to help you reach your desired health goals. Patients who connect with their physicians through Activate Healthcare feel validated and share greater trust with their doctors, and are therefore more likely to make regular, proactive appointments and understand the importance of compliance. Taking steps to reduce their blood pressure, lose weight, and maintain their cholesterol keeps Activate patients healthier, happier, and more productive at work.

Respect – The final element to a truly outstanding doctor-patient relationship is mutual respect. Born of open communication and genuine empathy, respect will assuredly grow between patient and doctor over time. As the physician and patient share decision making responsibilities for treatment paths and health programs, trust will blossom and wellness will improve, patients will take their health more seriously, and patient involvement will lift.

This is especially true for patients who connect with their doctors through Activate Healthcare. In fact, statistics show that Activate Healthcare delivers over 90% participation among working members. Patients who choose Activate Healthcare as their primary care provider have better results and lower costs, encouraging them to visit their physician regularly. Through regular visits, mutual respect can grow and a truly long-lasting relationship can thrive.

These three elements are what will set a qualified doctor apart from your ideal physician. Beginning with communication, the best doctor-patient relationships grow from active listening and easily understood explanations to true empathy, and a mutual respect takes root. From there a true partnership will thrive, leading to improved overall wellness, reduced healthcare costs, and outstanding overall confidence in the doctor-patient relationship. Learn more about how Activate Healthcare delivers better access to primary care, resulting in better health outcomes for patients now!

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