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Our Results

  • 100K

    Patients Served

  • 90%

    Employee Participation

  • $46m

    Saved For Member Organizations

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Serve Many

Activate Healthcare serves over 100,000 patients and more than 80 client organizations – and we are growing.


Deliver exceptional participation

Activate Healthcare delivers for the organizations and patients we serve:

  • Provider retention averages more than 90%
  • Participation rates average:
    • 80% - 90% of working members
    • More than 50% of spouses
  • Patient satisfaction averages 4.7 on a 5-point scale


Make Impact

We demonstrate significant improvement in the outcomes and costs of patients with chronic conditions and have achieved improved health across all evaluated clients:

  • 67% of members with high blood pressure reduced to normal levels or by a significant margin
  • 38% of obese members reduced BMI to below 30 or by a significant margin
  • 37% of members with high cholesterol reduced to normal levels or by a significant margin
  • 44% of members with uncontrolled A1c reduced to normal levels or by a significant margin


Achieve Savings

Activate Healthcare saves organizations and members healthcare dollars:

  • Typically reduce total healthcare costs by 10% to 25%
  • Average return of $1.40 to $1.50 for every dollar invested in Activate Healthcare
  • Average cumulative ROI is 40% - 50%+
  • Total savings of $46.7 million for the organizations we serve
  • Average annual savings per member of $320 per year (in estimated copays and coinsurance for office visits and generic drugs)

Together, We Can Do It

Let's have a conversation about how we can help you lower healthcare costs, increase productivity, and have a happier, healthier workforce.

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