How We Do It

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Deliver primary care


primary care

  • Provide proactive, preventive primary care
  • Engage patients in taking charge of their health
  • Prevent and manage chronic conditions
  • Make clinics at or near businesses' locations
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Guide the healthcare continuum


the healthcare continuum

  • Determine if a referral is needed
  • Direct to appropriate care
  • Optimize referrals based on cost and quality
  • Offer integrated vendor solutions, such as physical therapy, imaging and more
  • Provide e-consults with specialists at major academic medical centers
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Foster a culture of health


a culture of health

  • Health Promotion Team guides change efforts
  • Incentives, benefits and company policies aligned
  • Strategic plan developed to improve the culture of health
  • Best practices applied for fully engaging patients
  • Regular evaluation of current culture
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Leverage the power of communities


the power of communities

  • For organizations of all sizes
  • All organizations benefit from scale and knowledge collected
  • Share access to a growing number of clinics
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Activate the patient


the patient

  • We focus every action on activating patients
  • We hire and train our providers to listen first
  • We create tailored programs┬áto support each participant’s individualized health goals
  • We provide tools to track and reward progress
  • We provide ongoing support via secure text and video conferencing

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