Technology and Data

We believe in measurable, sustainable results. That’s why we leverage the latest tools and technology to:

  • Leverage information to support and demonstrate progress for clients
  • Empower providers with best in class information
  • Educate and activate patients


Organizations receive information about: 

  • Important operational measures, including participation, visit types and satisfaction
  • Return on investment based on the cost of the clinic and the total cost of healthcare for the organization
  • Sources of savings by care type and conditions
  • Progress of important patient segments  

 Activate Healthcare swirl

 Providers can:

  • Access best-in-class electronic medical records, tailored to integrate claims information, predictive modeling tools and coaching information
  • Use predictive modeling tools to indicate relative risks of individual patients, gaps in care and opportunities to impact cost trends
  • Optimize quality of care with software that facilitates effective peer reviews 
  • Study and follow national best practices on all conditions shared with “UpToDate” database

 activate healthcare swirl

Patients benefit from:

Full integration of EMR and 2+ years of medical claims, biometrics and coaching information to provide comprehensive view of patient’s health  

  • Processing information with Johns Hopkins predictive analytics to:
    • Identify high-risk patients
    • Identify gaps in care 
    • Continuously improve quality of care
  • Use of latest technologies like smartphones and apps to capture patient’s information, all fully integrated with the electronic medical record and online appointment scheduling

 activate the patient

The process begins with an easy and intuitive health profile (like an HRA except more engaging) that helps the patient understand key areas of opportunity.

 digital patient portal

Providers work collaboratively with patients to identify goals and actions (large and small).

real time tracking

Patients share progress with their care team in real time with an app on their phone (or on their computer) with a single click.

real time tracking

 Patients and coaches also can see and track progress in real time.

digital medical records

Patients also can communicate with providers via secure text or video conferencing to celebrate progress and provide encouragement or advice.


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